Smoothie Lessons: Episode 1

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I've recently started making smoothies. As I'm want to do, I bought a blender with pretty good reviews and jumped headlong into the process figuring I would wing it. So after a few smoothies, I've learned a few lessons the hard way. I imagine I'll be learning more lessons the hard way, but at least I can document them here. This way maybe I won't make the same mistakes twice. And maybe you won't either. I have color coded the advice for your convenience.

  • If you need ice and you do not have a functioning ice maker, do not put water in a plastic bag and put it in a shelf in your freezer where the bag will deform and wedge itself into cracks making it impossible get out without a hammer.
  • Watermelon + Grapes tastes like cucumbers.
  • The line between not enough honey and too much honey is very, very thin.
  • Fruit containers get very sticky.
  • Do not attempt to freeze a smoothie for the next day; drink it immediately.
  • Milk is pretty good in smoothies. Use it.