Computer Science Epiphany

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It is a little embarrassing that it has taken me this long, but I recently had an epiphany as related to my career in computer science. It was kind of an earth shattering notion, really. It really hit home when I was attending the CodepaLOUsa conference. It hit me: just because someone is an authority on a subject does not mean they're right.

Don't judge me. It may seem simple, but after twenty some odd years of existing and thriving in an environment where memorization and acceptance of best practices is expected and rewarded, I had come to just see this as the way the world worked. It wasn't until recently when I've started looking into some methodologies and technologies on my own that, surprise, surprise, I didn't agree with what some people were espousing. Not only that, but that I wasn't necessarily wrong for disagreeing with the authority.

I think I'll start speaking up in meetings at work, now.