Linux The Dog

So I wanted to share some photos I took of my dog today. I recently had the invisible fence that came with my house checked out, turned on, and tuned up. After some training with the dog, she’s starting to really enjoy getting to run around free in the yard.

Being Sick Sucks

Title says it all. I’m stuck at home home today and tomorrow with an achy body and, as of right now, a fever of 100.7. I’d much rather be at work and spend this sick time on not being sick. Oh well, it is what it is, I suppose. Maybe I can catch something good […]

Tornado Warning

Standing in the bathroom waiting for the tornado warning to pass. I think the people in the hall are missing the point of taking shelter. Doesn’t matter if you stand outside in the hall if the hall is wide open and has two large open rooms on either side with window walls. 1/2 inch glass […]