Damn it, Leo!

Leo. Come on, man. I just bought my very first DSLR camera not 3 hours ago. I’ve been reading photography blogs and saved for months to buy this entry level camera. And I remember tonight that you, my hero, are into photography and that you host a show about it on your lovely TWiT network. […]

Engineers Are Funny

My team at work is having a team outing tomorrow, where we will all leave at lunch to go eat and bond over a round of disc golf. Typical team building exercise, I’m sure. Except we’re engineers. A quick conversation about where we should eat for lunch led to a list of about 10 possibilities […]


I was thinking back today and I remembered something totally awesome from my childhood. And by childhood I mean high school. When I was a freshman and sophomore, I volunteered for the summer science camp held at our middle school. It was some of the most fun I had in high school. We had various […]