Playing With Blocks

I recently read an article that suggests pointing new programmers to Python and avoiding object oriented programming for as long as possible. While I think I understand the idea of trying to get a newbie’s feet wet and not wanting to scare them off from the big bad beast that programming can be, I think […]

Lost in Translation

As a software engineer, I’ve discovered what seems to be a common, almost universal, problem that we experience in the process of trying to deliver applications that meet the needs of our customer. And maybe this is a problem you find in other areas as well, but the problem of clearly communicating with someone that […]

The New “Thing”

I like new technologies as much as the next software engineer, but I have my limits. Maybe I’m just more conservative than some of my colleagues. Maybe I’m a Luddite. Maybe I’m too cautious. But some things drive me crazy. The Problem(s) It starts rather innocently. You have a new project. You have an upgrade to […]

CS-MIC Lives!

After having laid dormant for so long, CS-MIC has risen once again. Years in development, and months since the last update, CS-MIC is back with upgrades and improvements, both in the code library and in the project structure. Head on over to find out what the latest and greatest is all about.

Presentation Matters

As a professional software developer, my job is to plan, design and implement software solutions to problems. This involves learning about a business problem, the process that is followed, and designing software that makes this process easier or even automatic. Almost all software is written this way and for this purpose. And most developers do […]

How I Wasted Two Days Learning SSIS Against My Will

So for two days I’ve been beating my head against the wall at work. The task was simple enough: Gather some some data. Cull the data. Dump said data to a file. Easy enough, right? Not so much. The Beginning I started this task like I would any other data centered task. I started with […]

Computer Science Epiphany

It is a little embarrassing that it has taken me this long, but I recently had an epiphany as related to my career in computer science. It was kind of an earth shattering notion, really. It really hit home when I was attending the CodepaLOUsa conference. It hit me: just because someone is an authority on a subject […]