Setting Up a Blender Render Farm at Home

Blender is one of the coolest pieces of open source software available because it puts a professional full production workflow in your hands for 3D modeling, animation, video editing, post processing, and even game development. And if you have ever used the wonderful open source application Blender for anything non-trivial, you will have discovered that […]

Of Style and Substance

I had a spirited discussion today about the use of the keyword this in C#. I love conversations like that. Great things come from debates over the inane and trivial in programming, I’ve discovered. Some of the most impressive growth I’ve experienced as a software engineer has stemmed from debates and conversations about the nuances […]

Code Snippet: ConvertToTypeT

I live for nifty code snippets. They make life so much easier. I also like .NET’s generics support. When I was recently writing a utility library for myself, I found myself wanting to convert command line arguments to a defined type. How would one go about converting an arbitrary argument passed as a string to […]

Generically Typed EventArgs

So I was fooling around the other day in Visual Studio, and I was making events for some of my classes. Specifically, these events were generated when a specific property would change values. I had already implemented the INotifyChanged interface, but I also wanted strongly linked events per property, because we all know as programmers […]