It is 888 miles from my house to Disney World. And I’m on my way there right now!

Source – I’m driving as fast as I can right now!

Although it feels like you’re falling straight down into the brier patch, Splash Mountain really only drops at a 45° angle!

Source – Only 2 days left!

Both the Carousel of Progress and It’s a Small World both premiered at the 1964-65 World’s Fair.

Source – Only 3 days left!

The Disney Hollywood Studio used to be a functioning studio! The first movie made there was Ernest Saves Christmas.

Source – Only 4 days left!

The Liberty Bell at Disney World is made from a cast of the original Liberty Bell in Philadelphia.

Source – Only 5 days left!

Walt Disney World is the single largest employer in the United States with more than 62,000 cast members!

Source – Only 6 days left!

The iconic design of Main Street, USA is inspired by Walt Disney’s home town of Marceline, Missouri!

Source – Only 7 days left!

When visiting the Muppets 3-D show, when you pass the security office a sign tells you that they will return in 5 minutes and that a key is under the mat. If you look down, there is indeed a mat with a key under it!

Source – Only 8 days left!

The Kilimanjaro Safari is the largest attraction at Walt Disney World. At over 100 acres, the entirety of the Magic Kingdom could fit inside of it!

Source – Only 9 days left!

The Magic Kingdom park itself is larger than the entirety of Disney Land in California!

Source – Only 10 days left!