Happy Birthday to Me!

I’m 26 years old today. I still don’t know anything about anything. Here’s to the next quarter century!

Where Automated Healthcare Has Gone Wrong… And How To Fix It

I somewhat kinda almost work in the healthcare industry. I’ve also talked to many doctors and made observations while at my own appointments. I think we can all agree that while American medicine is some of (if not the) best in the world, we can also all see that there is squandered potential. Doctors, nurses, […]

Engineers Are Funny

My team at work is having a team outing tomorrow, where we will all leave at lunch to go eat and bond over a round of disc golf. Typical team building exercise, I’m sure. Except we’re engineers. A quick conversation about where we should eat for lunch led to a list of about 10 possibilities […]


I was thinking back today and I remembered something totally awesome from my childhood. And by childhood I mean high school. When I was a freshman and sophomore, I volunteered for the summer science camp held at our middle school. It was some of the most fun I had in high school. We had various […]

The New “Thing”

I like new technologies as much as the next software engineer, but I have my limits. Maybe I’m just more conservative than some of my¬†colleagues. Maybe I’m a Luddite. Maybe I’m too cautious. But some things drive me crazy. The Problem(s) It starts rather innocently. You have a new project. You have an upgrade to […]

Linux The Dog

So I wanted to share some photos I took of my dog today. I recently had the invisible fence that came with my house checked out, turned on, and tuned up. After some training with the dog, she’s starting to really enjoy getting to run around free in the yard.

Being Sick Sucks

Title says it all. I’m stuck at home home today and tomorrow with an achy body and, as of right now, a fever of 100.7. I’d much rather be at work and spend this sick time on not being sick. Oh well, it is what it is, I suppose. Maybe I can catch something good […]

PC Infrastructure Needs an Update

There is a lot of hupla (and rightly so) surrounding parallel computing today. CPUs aren’t getting much faster in terms of clock speeds these days and any more its all about the cloud, man. Distributed computing has been a thing in academic circles for quite a while. Much like the Internet, which also started in […]

CS-MIC Lives!

After having laid dormant for so long, CS-MIC has risen once again. Years in development, and months since the last update, CS-MIC is back with upgrades and improvements, both in the code library and in the project structure. Head on over to find out what the latest and greatest is all about.

Presentation Matters

As a professional software developer, my job is to plan, design and implement software solutions to problems. This involves learning about a business problem, the process that is followed, and designing software that makes this process easier or even automatic. Almost all software is written this way and for this purpose. And most developers do […]