When it rains, water never falls off the sides of Spaceship Earth. The water is actually drawn into the sphere and drained away so guests don’t get dripped on!

Source – Only 15 days left!

Spaceship Earth weighs three times as much as a real space shuttle fueled up and ready for launch!

Source – Only 16 days left!

Over 30 tons of fruits and vegetables are grown at The Land in Epcot and served to guests in the parks every year.

Source – Only 17 days left!

The Walt Disney World bus fleet is the third largest in Florida, with more than 270 buses!

Source – Only 18 days left!

Disney’s PhotoPass photographers take between 100,000 and 200,000 pictures of guests every day!

Source – Only 19 days left!

The Walt Disney World property spreads out over more than 25,000 acres, or more than 40 square miles. That’s a lot of magic!

Source – Only 20 days left!

Microsoft Is Doing Everything Wrong

For those of you who don’t know, I run a site called Mendoa. It doesn’t get much traffic, but it is meant to be a forum where you can argue a topic with clearly delineated pro and con arguments. The fact that Microsoft is screwing up royally lately has been on my mind, and I’ve […]

Happy Birthday to Me!

I’m 26 years old today. I still don’t know anything about anything. Here’s to the next quarter century!