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Season 2 of Derek Coming Soon!

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Season 1 of Derek on Netflix. This show, staring Ricky Gervais is possibly the most moving portrayal of human interaction I have ever seen. I’m stoked that this Netflix Original got picked up for a second season, which will be available on May 30th. It doesn’t […]

In Defense Of Beauty and the Beast

I don’t think that it is news to anyone that knows me that I am a Disney fanatic. It was my family’s go-to vacation destination growing up. I love the movies to this day, especially what I would consider (as a 90’s kid) the golden age of Disney animated films from about 1985 to 2000. […]


So I’ve been powering through an audio drama recently. We’re Alive is an amazing story about a zombie outbreak that is more complex than what I’ve seen in the past. In typical contemporary style, the zombies are fast. What this story does that I haven’t seen are how the zombies operate. To avoid spoilers, I’ll […]