Setting Up a Blender Render Farm at Home

Setting Up a Blender Render Farm at Home

Blender is one of the coolest pieces of open source software available because it puts a professional full production workflow in your hands for 3D modeling, animation, video editing, post processing, and even game development. And if you have ever used the wonderful open source application Blender for anything non-trivial, you will have discovered that […]

Spaceship Earth

Updated Photography

Decided it was time to upload some of my newer pictures.


Family Fun

Took a trip to Huber’s Farm in Indiana recently, and grabbed some wonderful pictures. Also, some pictures from around the house.

Linux and Me

A Few Pictures

I took a trip home recently, so I thought I’d share some of the better photos I was able to get while I was there. I’ve also been taking more photos around the house and in town here. You’ll also notice some pictures of my girlfriend’s guinea pigs. They were so cute I had to share them. […]

Sweater Tree

New Camera

I got a camera. I guess that means I’m a photographer now. Here’s what I’ve been cutting my teeth on.