It’s Time to Rethink “Pro”

There has always and invariably been a “pro” version of whatever software I have used.  This version was always enhanced with additional features that a frequent user would really want. Finely tuned options, extended ranges, elimination of handicaps from the free version, and a miriad of other enhancements for the application. This way of selling […]

Asking The Right Questions

I am still early on in what I hope to be a long and storied professional career designing software systems. I’m coming up on three years of working full time, and I’ll be the first to admit that I’m still wet behind the ears. There is much I have left to learn about the ins […]

Lost in Translation

As a software engineer, I’ve discovered what seems to be a common, almost universal, problem that we experience in the process of trying to deliver applications that meet the needs of our customer. And maybe this is a problem you find in other areas as well, but the problem of clearly communicating with someone that […]

The New “Thing”

I like new technologies as much as the next software engineer, but I have my limits. Maybe I’m just more conservative than some of my colleagues. Maybe I’m a Luddite. Maybe I’m too cautious. But some things drive me crazy. The Problem(s) It starts rather innocently. You have a new project. You have an upgrade to […]