Generically Typed EventArgs

So I was fooling around the other day in Visual Studio, and I was making events for some of my classes. Specifically, these events were generated when a specific property would change values. I had already implemented the INotifyChanged interface, but I also wanted strongly linked events per property, because we all know as programmers […]


So if you didn’t know already, the Curiosity, NASA’s awesome new rover, will land (knock on wood) Monday, August 6th at about 1:30 AM. Please, watch the live stream here! I actually took half a day off tomorrow so I can watch it all live. I’m so excited!

Damn it, Leo!

Leo. Come on, man. I just bought my very first DSLR camera not 3 hours ago. I’ve been reading photography blogs and saved for months to buy this entry level camera. And I remember tonight that you, my hero, are into photography and that you host a show about it on your lovely TWiT network. […]