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Season 2 of Derek Coming Soon!

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Season 1 of Derek on Netflix. This show, staring Ricky Gervais is possibly the most moving portrayal of human interaction I have ever seen. I’m stoked that this Netflix Original got picked up for a second season, which will be available on May 30th. It doesn’t […]

Reminders From My Wife

Reminders From My Wife

Technically not married yet, but soon enough. My wife has taken to leaving me reminders around the house. They’re adorable, and so is she. All images have been scanned and vectorized.

Limitations In Chaining References Across Class Libraries

So I discovered something interesting today when working with class libraries and references in .Net. It isn’t necessarily a bug, but it is definitely not the behavior I would expect. Let me explain what I did, what I expected, and what actually happened. What I Did I was working in a large solution, let’s call […]

The type ‘System.Char*’ may not be used as a type argument.

Dang it. But I want to. C’mon. Apparently System.Reflection has it’s limits. Also, creating a default value of a string that isn’t null is non-trivial.

Of Style and Substance

I had a spirited discussion today about the use of the keyword this in C#. I love conversations like that. Great things come from debates over the inane and trivial in programming, I’ve discovered. Some of the most impressive growth I’ve experienced as a software engineer has stemmed from debates and conversations about the nuances […]

It’s Time to Rethink “Pro”

There has always and invariably been a “pro” version of whatever software I have used.  This version was always enhanced with additional features that a frequent user would really want. Finely tuned options, extended ranges, elimination of handicaps from the free version, and a miriad of other enhancements for the application. This way of selling […]

Code Snippet: ConvertToTypeT

I live for nifty code snippets. They make life so much easier. I also like .NET’s generics support. When I was recently writing a utility library for myself, I found myself wanting to convert command line arguments to a defined type. How would one go about converting an arbitrary argument passed as a string to […]

In Defense Of Beauty and the Beast

I don’t think that it is news to anyone that knows me that I am a Disney fanatic. It was my family’s go-to vacation destination growing up. I love the movies to this day, especially what I would consider (as a 90’s kid) the golden age of Disney animated films from about 1985 to 2000. […]

Getting the Nexus 4 to be Recognized as an ADB Device in Windows 7

As a quick note, there is one thing that every guide on how to get the Nexus 4 phone recognized as an ADB device. After you enable USB debugging and install the proper Google USB drivers, you have to switch the phone from MTP to CTP mode. Yeah, they never tell you that.

Spaceship Earth

Updated Photography

Decided it was time to upload some of my newer pictures.