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Disney’s PhotoPass photographers take between 100,000 and 200,000 pictures of guests every day!

Source – Only 19 days left!

The Walt Disney World property spreads out over more than 25,000 acres, or more than 40 square miles. That’s a lot of magic!

Source – Only 20 days left!

Generically Typed EventArgs

So I was fooling around the other day in Visual Studio, and I was making events for some of my classes. Specifically, these events were generated when a specific property would change values. I had already implemented the INotifyChanged interface, but I also wanted strongly linked events per property, because we all know as programmers […]


Family Fun

Took a trip to Huber’s Farm in Indiana recently, and grabbed some wonderful pictures. Also, some pictures from around the house.

Microsoft Is Doing Everything Wrong

For those of you who don’t know, I run a site called Mendoa. It doesn’t get much traffic, but it is meant to be a forum where you can argue a topic with clearly delineated pro and con arguments. The fact that Microsoft is screwing up royally lately has been on my mind, and I’ve […]

Linux and Me

A Few Pictures

I took a trip home recently, so I thought I’d share some of the better photos I was able to get while I was there. I’ve also been taking more photos around the house and in town here. You’ll also notice some pictures of my girlfriend’s guinea pigs. They were so cute I had to share them. […]


So if you didn’t know already, the Curiosity, NASA’s awesome new rover, will land (knock on wood) Monday, August 6th at about 1:30 AM. Please, watch the live stream here! I actually took half a day off tomorrow so I can watch it all live. I’m so excited!

Sweater Tree

New Camera

I got a camera. I guess that means I’m a photographer now. Here’s what I’ve been cutting my teeth on.

Leo. Come on, man. I just bought my very first DSLR camera not 3 hours ago. I’ve been reading photography blogs and saved for months to buy this entry level camera. And I remember tonight that you, my hero, are into photography and that you host a show about it on your lovely TWiT network. But I try to subscribe tonight, and lo and behold, you’ve canceled it.

You’ve dashed my hopes and dreams, Leo. Dashed, I say, quite expertly.

Bring the show back! Please!

Playing With Blocks

I recently read an article that suggests pointing new programmers to Python and avoiding object oriented programming for as long as possible. While I think I understand the idea of trying to get a newbie’s feet wet and not wanting to scare them off from the big bad beast that programming can be, I think […]