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Spaceship Earth

Updated Photography

Decided it was time to upload some of my newer pictures.

Asking The Right Questions

I am still early on in what I hope to be a long and storied professional career designing software systems. I’m coming up on three years of working full time, and I’ll be the first to admit that I’m still wet behind the ears. There is much I have left to learn about the ins […]

It is 888 miles from my house to Disney World. And I’m on my way there right now!

Source – I’m driving as fast as I can right now!

Although it feels like you’re falling straight down into the brier patch, Splash Mountain really only drops at a 45° angle!

Source – Only 2 days left!

Both the Carousel of Progress and It’s a Small World both premiered at the 1964-65 World’s Fair.

Source – Only 3 days left!

The Disney Hollywood Studio used to be a functioning studio! The first movie made there was Ernest Saves Christmas.

Source – Only 4 days left!

The Liberty Bell at Disney World is made from a cast of the original Liberty Bell in Philadelphia.

Source – Only 5 days left!

Walt Disney World is the single largest employer in the United States with more than 62,000 cast members!

Source – Only 6 days left!

The iconic design of Main Street, USA is inspired by Walt Disney’s home town of Marceline, Missouri!

Source – Only 7 days left!

When visiting the Muppets 3-D show, when you pass the security office a sign tells you that they will return in 5 minutes and that a key is under the mat. If you look down, there is indeed a mat with a key under it!

Source – Only 8 days left!